De nuevo tras un largo paron por enfermedad vuelvo al running y muy motivado.
Os copio un texto que he copiado en el foro de Polar, pero por allí no parecen contestar. ¿alguien por aquí sabe alguna de las respuestas o un workaround?



I am new with Polar products. I own a RS300x with S1 sensor and have a few doubts about operation and manual is not clear at all.

a) I usually do races which not precompute duration, simple I go out and run until I want. It could be 30, 40 or more minutes, depending on my feelings, weather, etc. When I finish I stop the Polar with back button, but this hide data screen, so I am not able to see how my hr go down. I would like to see how much my hr go down in a minute, or two, or five. This way I can see how my recover capacity improve along the days. Run is not only about control during run, but also recover time. Is there any way I can do this? (I could not stop the chrono, but the that would be a false data run+rest)

b) Can I switch during training the target zone. I mean, I deceided during training going to next hr zone for ten minutes. I know this can be done before exercise with intervals, but how about during training?

c) What is the limit in the number of new exercise I can add (free, basic, own1, own2, ...)?

d) Is it there and easy way to stop recording and continue seen the data "as is at the end". If I press back and exit(save), then I have to enter to historic files to see the resume for that day. Those are many steps. With a stop function one should be seen final data (chrono, distance, etc.) without the need to press many buttons or going back.

Anyway I am happy with my new polar. I am returning to running after a long ill-break and my new electronic device motivate me more. I need my weight go down.